Sunday, 19 February 2012

CUT at 45 Park Lane

A romanic dinner or a business lunch, all depends on the mood but CUT at 45 Park Lane is suitable for all occasions. It's been opened recently and is an excellent choice if you feel like a gourmet steak. The restaurant has been opened in September 2011 and it specialises in American steak but there are others choices on the menu as well. 

I tried the tongue as a starter which was surprisingly delicious and a steak for the main course, possibly the biggest steak I've ever eaten, also the most tender one. To finish things off, a baked alaska for a dessert and a chocolate soufflĂ©, we shared that obviously, even I can't eat two desserts. The restaurent has an extensive wine list which is yet to be explored by me. 

The decor is in 70s style with stylish furniture at the entrance and mirrored tables in the restaurant where vain girls like me can check their make up and hair. The interior is very glamourous and makes a great impression, very grande and chic, wonderful chandelier. We loved it there and the service was impeccable and the waiters very knowledgeable, however if you are planning to discuss some intimate details or you happen to be a spy, it's better not to do it as the waiters are very attentive. 

After dinner a nice drink in a bar upstairs which very nice however slightly lacking character as it looks like a typical hotel bar, which it is but it it could be slightly more glamourous to match the restaurant. 

A great new restaurant that I would gladly come back to and try more dishes from the menu. 

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