Sunday, 6 May 2012

Shopaholic's essential- Butterfly Twists

All fashionistas know this horrible pain after the night out, or sometimes even before the night has started, when some really gorgeous shoes have taken their toll on our feet. I must say I had that problem last night and had to end the night earlier and missed out on a club because of this very reason. :( But there is hope for us and without compromising on glamour! Butterfly Twists flat ballerinas. They are cute foldable flats that you can tuck into your bag and slip into them at the end of the night or even on the way and then change into your heels. Genius! So if you were suffering from these
you can later change into these
that would be my choice from Butterfly Twists, pink snake, what else? :-) 
There are different colours and styles to choose from, even folded boots when the winter comes, my choice would be black Chelsea boots that fold into a pouch. Cute!

All great, but what if you are a super fashion conscious fashionista and have to have everything matchy-matchy? I have an idea for Christian Louboutin to explore- how about each pair of heels has a matching folded red sole ballerinas? Then we don't have to compromise the outfit with different coulours as they will be already incorporated in ballerinas. Well, just remember you read about this idea on my Shopaholic blog first. ;-) 

You can buy Butterfly Twists here

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