Friday, 8 June 2012

Sex and The City- 14 years ago and now

It all started 14 years ago when we were all young and innocent budding shopaholics with no credit card however still dreaming about shoes and bags... Who knows maybe it was the show that spoiled us or maybe it was a Vogue overdose or perhaps a certain over-generous ex-boyfriend, we will never find out.
Sex and The City episodes have been launched 14 years ago by HBO and Glamour magazine attempted a few funny changes in the show had it been launched on TV now, you can read it here .

Having read that I have to add my comments!
5. I still don't understand Carrie's obsession with old ladies shoes at such a young age therefore it baffles me why she liked them 14 years ago in the first place. Now it's the time for Manolos Carrie (sorry!)
6. & 7. Carrie would never ever like Celine, too plain!
10. Carrie is smart enough to know that iPhone is better so finally she'd figure this one out.
13. Nobody drinks Cosmos? Well I guess apart from me, maybe I am old school.
16. Yes she would!!!
17. Mr Big would never lower himself to pick up Carrie in a cab. Besides he is smart enough to know how to make money in the crisis so he doesn't have to give up his limo with a driver.
24. Any excuse to re-post this photo


I couldn't agree more!


  1. 14 years ago my sweet, the choice of gorgeous heels to splurge on was very different. . Manolos were viewed as chic then as Louboutins are today, not comparable in 2012 eyes, but still.

  2. Thanks for your comment. They are very chic but just seem like shoes you'd wear with a Chanel suit and pearls at a hedge fund wives dinner party ;-)