Saturday, 25 August 2012

How to pack for your holidays and stay glamourous at all times?

Having done some travels recently, I came up with my special packing solutions, just for you shopaholics out there as I know your suitcases are overflowing with clothes and accessories and you are in desperate need of advice on how to make packing nightmare easier.

1. Depending on how many days you are going for choose an outfit for each day, some days you might want to wear the same thing twice, for example jeans so add extra tops to match. 
2. How many days of your stay will you go out? - depending on that choose the amount of going out dresses, add an extra dress in case of last minute change of mood, include a LBD for a safe bet outfit. Never get caught in the same dress twice unless in a different postcode/country and/or with a different companion.
3. Lay all of the above on the bed to have a clear view of what you are taking with you.
4. Moving onto shoes and accessories, add them to each outfit and choose only the ones that match to everything to reduce the danger of having a too heavy suitcase. For example, no point in taking two pairs of similar black heels, the first pair will do the job, I know you will miss the others but you will be fine!
5. Add jackets and cardigans to match in case of bad luck with weather. Match to dresses and casuals.
6. Handbags- take one comfy bag for travel and everyday casual look and one clutch for going out, add one smart bigger bag for an in between situation. And again, I know you will miss your other bags but they will wait for you at home when you come back!
7. Viola- now you are left with a huge pile on your bed and all you have to do it to pack it neatly into your suitcase.
8. Just before you leave add your cosmetics bag and your make up bag, hairdryer and/straighteners, passport and you are ready to go!
9. Hopefully your luggage is not overloaded at the moment and you still have some space in case you want to buy some lovely local designer items that nobody else has :-) Yay!

Bon Voyage!

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