Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sushisamba - London sushi with Brazilian and Peruvian influence- review

Sushisamba is located near Liverpool Street station, at 38th and 39th floor of the Heron Tower. It is a very special restaurant firstly because it's unique design by Certa Ruddy architects and also the spectacular views over London. It feels like eating on top of the world, looking around is simply breathtaking due to the way the restaurant is designed, most of the surfaces are made of glass. I was there for an early dinner and had the opportunity to have a proper look so if you would like to experience it properly I would advise to arrive during the daylight, so lunch perhaps or early dinner, like I did. Evening time the restaurant glitters with lots of lights, also at the terrace where there is a bar with a tree covered with red lights (my favourite bit, needless to say) .

The food is obviously my favourite Japanese but here there is Brazilian and Peruvian influence as a result of Japanese immigrants who travelled to South America and as a result we can enjoy the wonders of this fusion, for example Sashimi Serviche, Tuna Tataki or Wagyu Beef Gunkan. If you had never tried it before I suggest you get some advice from the staff to make sure you taste some of those unique flavours.

I will definitely be back for more despite the fact it is a long way but it is worth to travel to the City for such a great experience.
To book and read more, click here- Sushisamba restaurant website
All photos from Sushisamba website.

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