Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Yoga practice at Triyoga King's Road, Chelsea

As you know from this post here,  I am a huge fan of yoga and like to practice whenever I can.

I have been looking for a yoga place that would be suitable for me but I couldn't find one until recently I have discovered Triyoga on King's Road in London. Check the website here for classes schedules. They also offer Pilates, teacher training, courses and workshops etc but I would like to focus on yoga for now.

Unfortunately this post is without any photos as I have not mastered taking photos while practising and perfecting yoga postures but I am getting there! For now just read my review of Triyoga in Chelsea.

Triyoga is located on King's Road so the nearest tube stations are Sloane Sq or Gloucester Rd but the easiest way to get there is by bus or you can take a walk from tube when we finally have nice weather. It's a newly refurbished place, just opened recently and in my opinion has the best selection of classes and the best teachers in the area. The facilities include yoga practice studios, changing rooms, treatment rooms and a cafe and shop where you can eat rally delicious food, milkshakes are highly recommended. 

The best thing about Triyoga is that they have a wide variety of classes so everyone can find something they like, from Hatha yoga, to Vinyasa, Bikram yoga, pre- and postnatal yoga, Astanga etc. There are also different levels available. Even better thing about Triyoga is the teachers, for me the yoga teacher is the most important part of yoga practice, the teacher is supposed to guide you through postures and show different levels of difficulty. Also make sure you practice safely so you don't get any injuries or even cure or improve your existing injuries or health problems you might have. Ultimately yoga is supposed to make you happy and tone your body and improve your strength and coordination, also relax and calm your stressed mind. This is exactly what I found at Triyoga and especially with certain teachers whose classes I attended , Rebecca Hay Brown and Kristi Johnson who also happens to have a blog which is very interesting to read - her website and blog. As I said it is all about a great teacher so if you are starting yoga practice I encourage you to find one you really like and he or she will guide you to perfecting your asanas. 

Another great thing about yoga is that it doesn't require any expensive equipment or accessories, you can just wear anything that is comfortable. You can just show up and you are ready to go.

I hope that encourages you to practice yoga wherever you are. London offers a lot of fun and also stress so it is great to take a break and enjoy becoming healthy and happy as often as you can and relax in a difficult asana, once you have done it you will feel really happy and proud. 


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  1. I lived in Chelsea for 2 years. I wish I knew about that place earlier.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  2. I've heard of this place, just never gone in to see it. I used to do Bikram Yoga over a year ago, but I am really interested in Pilates. I want to tone my body more and become stronger, versus running which doesn't do much in terms of sculpting one's body. I will stop by one of these days and check it out !


  3. They have pilates too.
    I am not a fan of running either, too sweaty! ;-)