Friday, 31 May 2013

Krakow - Chimera restaurant and salad bar + exhibitions in June

One of my favourite places in Krakow especially in the summer is Chimera salad bar. Chimera.
They have a lovely outside space with lots of plants in a historical building just off the main Market Square, Anny Street. Huge choice of salads and small dishes from the hot counter is making it a vegetarian's paradise ;-) There is also a restaurant downstairs in the 14th century cellar.

Tarts and Potatoes. Sounds like a title of a a very naughty Victorian novel. ;-)

Yes I really ate all of this...

I also documented the famous Krakow pigeons at their favourite activity. Their second favourite activity is the reason why the authorities are considering banning them. Enjoy while you can ;-)

Shopaholic also spotted chocolate shoes at Chocolate Store at Slawkowska Street just off the Market Sq.

Another very exciting activity was visiting The Human Body exibition which you can see until the end of June. Photos are not allowed but it was really extraordinary experience. It is a temporary exhibition so maybe it will come to London one day if you miss it. 

On a more artsy note, in Bunkier Sztuki you can see Borders of Fashion exhibition. It is very interesting and unfortunately they don't have descriptions online but it is all in English as well at the exhibition. It is not what you expect and it is more about the contexts and role of fashion in the West  contrasted with Poland in historical and cultural background. I regret not taking photos as I thought it is just another fashion exhibition but as I was exploring it it got more and more interesting. It is on until 16th June so if you are visiting Krakow around this time it's worth seeing it too.

And now the grand finale of this post- fireworks that I saw out of my window, just a fragment of a very very long show :-) 

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