Sunday, 2 June 2013

Evening at the Corinthia - Bassoon Bar and Kai - Michellin star Chinese restaurant in London

Walking into Corinthina Hotel to start the evening at the Bassoon Bar was amazing and left me gawping at the amazing Baccarat chandelier in the lobby. (first three photos from the website).
Then a glass of champagne at the Bassoon Bar which I have discovered later has live music on certain day so I will be definitely coming back soon as I love live music, you can check it here and also watch a little video about the bar which is very interesting and encouragea me to try the famous cocktails next time.

It was a bit dark...

Yes I took a touristy snap of the chandelier, sue me ;-)

Next stop- Kai the Michelin star Chinese restaurant in London which in itself intrigued me very much and I was not disappointed. You can check the website here.

I illustrated my attention to detail...

And then focused on devouring wasabi prawns and soft shell crab.

Crispy duck rolls

And already with celebrity status, Lobster George. Amazing!!!

Coconut dessert and petit fours.

I am sure that made you hungry. :-) 

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  1. I've been to that hotel, but only the bar for drinks during London Fashion Week. THe food looks yummy ;)