Saturday, 15 March 2014

Save a dress, bag and a shoe!

Spring is here so time for some spring clean in my wardrobe! I have just ordered a massive shopping online and planning to do some more spring shopping today therefore also planning to make some room for the new arrivals. One of the greatest ideas I recently discovered is that many bloggers have an online store attached to their blog where you can buy some pre-loved items they are not wearing anymore, I think it's brilliant. One women's trash is another woman's treasure! Please post a link in comments below and let's share some clothes love. 
Here is mine - click here- Shopaholic . I will be adding more items soon so watch this space.

If you don't have your own online store yet, you can create one in seconds at Tictail. It's the easiest thing in the world and like the best things in life it's free too. Click here- Tictail. I think it's a genius idea. Save your dresses, bags and shoes from a sad life in a dark corner of your closet! ;-) 


  1. Nice! I recently updated my Tictail shop as well. Such a nice way to sell and find lovely stuff!

    Jules x

  2. Nice Post !
    Kisses my sweetie <3