Wednesday, 21 May 2014

7 day Keratin Smooth Tresemme. Product review

Hello Shopaholics

I was hoping to finally find a product that can really work on frizzy hair and make them smooth and I was very excited to hear about this one. Unfortunately 7 Day Keratin Smooth from Tresemme doesn't live up to the expectation. I have followed the instruction of application and styling (which is in itself very damaging for the hair) only to find out that the hair is back to its normal self (frizzy) just after one wash and looking even more frizzy than normal because of the damage that 3 times ironing each strand have done to it. So I'm afraid a bad review- it doesn't do 'what it says on the tin' - doesn't last 7 days even through washes. Still hoping for another product to arrive that can do the job. 

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