Friday, 15 June 2012

What girls want

That's nothing to do with shopping or London lifestyle but I had to post it here. :-) A feel good video. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pink or pink?

I certainly don't need another bag but how can you resist a pink one like this Michael Kors?
or this one from Moschino

Which one to choose? That is the question. 

Kele - The Boxer (2010)

Listening to the soundtrack of Made in Chelsea I found this song by Kele. Have I been living in the cave for the last two years and have never hear his album The Boxer before? I guess so. Shame on me. It's brilliant, all the songs are very good, which is quite rare when it comes to the entire album but they are all fantastic. I will be listening to it over and over again for a while. Anyway, I thought I will share this here, maybe you like his music too. You can buy it from itunes or from Amazon if you are old school ;-)

Harrods Fashion Sale Preview - till 14th June

The lucky few, me included will be enjoying the 30% off in Harrods till 14th of June. Items included in the sale are selected by the store, usually new collections and non-classic items so if you were dreaming about those red shoes or that pink bag, you might just be lucky. Grab your rewards card and credit card and run before all desired items are sold out. I will be making my way there today. Watch out! Sale also available online.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Mao Tai in Parsons Green

What a nice surprise to discover this lovely restaurant so close to home, Mao Tai in Parsons Green is very close by and apparently has an amazing cocktail list ( which I am still due to sample as I was sticking to champagne ) and an extensive Asian menu. I have tried a few dishes with my companion but will definitely come back for more very soon and take my girl friends with me. Finally a reason for them to come down to my area. I wonder if there is any more hidden gems like this that are located in Parsons Green or Fulham, anyone knows? Think Asian, vibrant and hip ;-)

For bookings click here.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Sex and The City- 14 years ago and now

It all started 14 years ago when we were all young and innocent budding shopaholics with no credit card however still dreaming about shoes and bags... Who knows maybe it was the show that spoiled us or maybe it was a Vogue overdose or perhaps a certain over-generous ex-boyfriend, we will never find out.
Sex and The City episodes have been launched 14 years ago by HBO and Glamour magazine attempted a few funny changes in the show had it been launched on TV now, you can read it here .

Having read that I have to add my comments!
5. I still don't understand Carrie's obsession with old ladies shoes at such a young age therefore it baffles me why she liked them 14 years ago in the first place. Now it's the time for Manolos Carrie (sorry!)
6. & 7. Carrie would never ever like Celine, too plain!
10. Carrie is smart enough to know that iPhone is better so finally she'd figure this one out.
13. Nobody drinks Cosmos? Well I guess apart from me, maybe I am old school.
16. Yes she would!!!
17. Mr Big would never lower himself to pick up Carrie in a cab. Besides he is smart enough to know how to make money in the crisis so he doesn't have to give up his limo with a driver.
24. Any excuse to re-post this photo


I couldn't agree more!

Waiting for the summer...

I've done some shopping, seems totally pointless looking outside of the window. :-/ A white lace summer Zara dress, v-shaped back.
And shiny Zara shoes (Jimmy Choo lookalikes on a budget). I like to think they were inspired by these
Well, maybe next time I get the Jimmy Choo. ;-)  
And here is how I will wear it out on one of those hot summer evenings that are soon to come. Matched with my beige patent leather Dior bag with golden chain.