Saturday, 10 August 2013

Out for lunch 2013- Jazz at Cadogan Hall

Over a week ago on Thursday I had great fun watching and listening to Dixie Ticklers at Cadogan Hall at Out for lunch 2013 admission free concert. I am huge fan of the band since then and even have a CD. :-) Dixie Ticklers are absolutely fantastic! I hope to see them perform again somewhere in London. They will be playing soon again in Hutch Club in Quaglino's Mayfair. They are playing there as I am writing this tonight but I can't be there. You can check their schedule here and listen to some of the music.

This Thursday lunchtime I will be missing out on Moscow Drug Club. Hopefully I can attend more other exciting concerts on Thursdays in Cadogan Hall. It is a great way of presenting new up coming bands , click  here to see what's on in Cadogan Hall.

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Stevie the door stop from Simon Carter

Who is this little fellow with pink bow? It's Stevie the door stop from Simon Carter. Click here if you want to get one. A lovely gift after I fell in love with it when passing by the Simon Carter shop in London. Here is Stevie.

And some of his brothers and sisters from the shop. All doggies are different and unique and made of silk.

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I am going to another yoga retreat soon so watch out for a yoga retreat review at the beginning of September in my blog after I come back. 

Monday, 5 August 2013

A thing of beauty- black Chloe Elsie shoulder bag

The most beautiful handbag in the world, envied by many, owned by me :-) Small sized Chloe Elsie in black. It comes in beige,midnight, mauve and purple this season as well. Mauve was very very tempting... After long decision process I have chosen the black one, here she is...And here is where you can get her click here. Love reciprocated, Elsie matches absolutely every outfit, from evening to daytime outfits.