Monday, 25 February 2013

Beau-tea-ful spa offer at The Dorchester Spa

My second time at The Dorchester Spa - we have chosen the Beau-tea-ful spa offer, one 1h treatment (we chose Carol Joy signature facial ) and afternoon tea. The idea is to make ourselves more beautiful before tea, it totally worked, the facial made us glow and we felt relaxed and happy!

The Carol Joy signature facial is a pure colagen mask applied after some exfoliation and serious cleansing. It makes you glow and rejuvenates. It is followed by shoulder and head massage for more relaxation. 

After the treatment of your choice you can rest in the Relaxing Room for a while and then move to the Spatisserie to try their delicious afternoon tea. We chose to be good and not to have champagne but we indulged with lots of cakes and tea, wasn't this all what it was about? ;-) 
Here are some photos (first two from the website The Dorchester Spa), the rest by me.

Ladies changing rooms are very stylish, you can use all the facilities before or after your treatment.

The Spatisserie

We enjoyed ourselves very much and will be back soon, being more beautiful is addictive, not to mention all those cakes and tea. 
Here is the offer, you can choose from a long list of treatments. 

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Valentino The Rockstud meduim leather red bag

To have or not to have another bag, that is the question! How many bags does a girl need? 

I am still thinking about red bags. This red beauty caught my eye in Harrods... She is very practical (of course! ;), day to evening kind of bag with studs to stand out from the crowd... On my wish list for now. 

Here she is.


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Friday, 15 February 2013

New ways of wearing leopard print

As you know I am obsessed with certain animal print... And always find something new that has it in order to feed my obsession. Here are the Dolce & Gabbana shorts from Net-a-porter.

And Kelly Brook made me envy  of her leopard print beret!

(photo from DM)

Chic, non? :-) 

And for the coming spring, a new pair of leather court shoes would be perfect!

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine's Day inspirations - gift guide

What is worse than being lost in toys department in Harrods? Being in a restaurant full of couples on Valentine's day! Nonetheless it's time to think red. Here are some gift inspirations for the special day.

Best quality roses from Only Roses Lots of choice, the most amazing roses in town.

Bags- you can't go wrong with this gorgeous beauty - Givenchy Antigona.
In Harrods and Selfridges.

Or this cute mini Prada. So cute!

Red Chanel wallet and other accessories

Or Mulberry Valentines Bayswater special edition clutch from here.

And who would not fall in love in a girl wearing this Herve Leger dress

Or this red Ted Baker mesh insert dress from Asos

And now the ultimate Valentine's gifts!
Agent Provocateur Lavelle set

Love me Charlotte Olympia pumps at Net-a-Porter

Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Sotto Pelle bag here

Kindle, gift that keeps on giving! From Amazon , mine is wearing purple but you can dress it up in red.

A certain little black card that will give you what you really, really want! Harrods Gift Card Harrods online.

Thank you for reading and Happy Valentine's Day.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dark Angels - Lush facial cleanser review

Hello shopaholics! I found a product I can recommend to you. It's Dark Angels from Lush. It comes in of of their re-usable pots and last forever, I would recommend to use this product twice a week for best results.

Here is how it looks like.

It is quite fun using this product as you have to take a small amount (as shown in the middle photo) and blend it with some water in your palm and massage it onto your face (make it wet first) and then keep on massaging for a few minutes for best results. It contains grains of sugar and charcoal and is perfect for oily skin making it super smooth. The fun part is that you look like a dark angel while using it but don't be scared, it is worth it! It can be messy using it so make sure you rinse thoroughly and don't use white towels afterwards. If you are a blonde it's best to use it just before you wash your hair. 
Here it is Dark Angels facial cleanser. One of many great products from Lush, fresh and handmade cosmetics (you can see how some of the cosmetics are made in little videos which is very interesting!). 

I will write some more product reviews soon.

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